What do you get when you combine a passion for travel and beauty? You get founders that scour the earth looking for the best beauty products and deliver them to you. 

 But just bringing them to you is not enough. How many times have you bought a product, read the instructions, tried it, and didn’t think it worked?  So you left it on your bathroom shelf never to be used again.

 Well, The Beauty Blazers was created to showcase unique brands from around the world and show you how to use them with the best methods. The Beauty Blazers is a collection of beauty brands that really work. We seek out brands that offer quality, with real purpose. It’s not just about selling you another product in a pretty box. We will guide you on how to use them so that you have the power to achieve the best results.

The Beauty Blazers concept is to provide education, bring information and deliver results.  The founders have travelled all over the world to scout for the best products, beauty rituals and ideas.  We have created a portal where consumers can learn about and make the best choices for their beauty needs. The Beauty Blazers wants to put the power of beauty back in the consumers’ hands. Our how to, tips and recommendations will guide you on your personal journey of discovering your best self.